The Magic Bridge

The pioneers in developing life skills at the preschool age. We feel the need of developing skills at the right time,
in a fun learning manner. This age is the best time for habit building and cognitive developments.

What are Life Skills

Any skill that helps in making the quality of our lives better and is also useful in helping us realize our full potential can be considered as lifeskills. Nucleated family structure today, compromises a child from spending quality time with their ideals and refrains them from developing the compassion, sharing and other character building attributes which are incidental to a successful life in the contemporary world. Growing rates of depression and suicidal tendencies also point at a high need of life skill development in children. These skills would equip our children in handling modern day exposures and pressures.

We want our children to be...


Importance of life skills

  • Considering the change in the scenario, the future seems very uncertain. Our children definitely need to be prepared to handle the uncertainties with a lot of ease and come out winners. Thus magic bridge works for all of us.
  • We cannot be with our children all the time. So it is our duty and responsibility to make sure that they are brought up in a way that they can handle all situations independently.
  • Aptly  mentioned by Ann Landers-  It is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.